Why You Need Buyer Representation

Working with a real estate professional is very important when purchasing a property, for many reasons. Here are the most important, below!

This Is a Large Financial Decision

Purchasing a property is a large financial decision,maybe even one of the largest financial decisions ever. Making sure you learn each step of the way is crucial. Owning the process and being 100% confident in your decision will reassure you this is the right move, at the right time. Spekaing to a mortgage lender, your agent, and also a financial advisor can be extremely beneficial. Work with your agent as a guide to make sure you are leveraging all assets possible in order to be fully equipped to make your next move. 

Buyer Representation Is Free the Majority of the Time

When you partner with a real estate agent for buyer representation, the buyers proceeds are paid for at the end of the closing, typically by the sellers party majority of the time. If not, the buyer will disclose that this is not the case, prior to vieiwng the property. Hire a buyers agent who will represent you, one that you can put trust in, because most of the time, you aare not paying out of pocket. Its a no brainer! 

Building a Trusted Relationship

Building a trusted relationship with your real estate advisor is the #1 goal. Being transparent of what you like and what you dislike about properties will help give you a better understanding and refinement of your search. Agents are active in the markets all day and every day. They will be able to best guide you and help assist on decision making, as they may have been in similar experiences prior, and can help problem-solve. Building a great trusted relationship with your agent will be everlasting, even when you plan to sell in the future! 

Scheduling Made Easy

Want to look at several properties all over town? Your agent will be able to accmodate showings for you, schedule your home inspection, communicate with the sellers agent, and take you all the way to the closing table. 

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