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Why Strong Industry Relationships Matter

Real estate is a competitive business. Sometimes it is intensely competitive. Over time, seasoned agents come to realize that the real competition is with oneself. Self-motivation, goals, business planning, lead generation, marketing, budgeting, quarterly tax payments are all some of the things the most successful agents have in their operational DNA. However, the beating heart of real estate is strong, genuine, connected relationships. First, with our clients whose trust we’ve earned and whose trust we keep by providing the highest caliber of service while providing the most relevant information to guide our clients toward their real estate destinations. Second, our relationships from within the industry benefit our clients time and time again. You may be wondering why or how… Strong industry relationships benefit our clients because when there are multiple offers and anonymity prevails on a spreadsheet, knowing who you’re dealing with on the other side of the transaction is essential for knowing that the deal will not only follow through to closing, but that the journey to receiving that celebratory email that the “deed is recorded,” will be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
The highest offer is not always the best offer. Terms and timelines can be the horse that wins by a nose. The trust between agents that both sides are truly ready, willing and able to perform to a successful closing, is invaluable. Buyers that are truly pre-approved with a quality lender rather than a big, slow bank, and sellers that aren’t hunting for a fictional dream home are key for you to LIVE IN that dream. Having clear and honest expectations set for buyers and sellers will always help them uncover their real motivations. Waiting for the Massachusetts real estate market storks to bring dozens of baby unicorns to your doorstep is wasting your time. You need to know how it really is out there and who you’re working with. Does your agent have a good reputation within the small world that is our Boston area real estate market? Do they have experience navigating unforeseeable bumps in the road ahead and are they creative problem solvers who put their clients best interests above a quick buck? Do they have a network of industry related partners like lenders, attorneys, inspectors, plumbers etc…? Do they understand the difference between a pricing strategy and real market value? The culmination of these hard earned skills and this caliber of real estate expertise is fully realized when an offer is submitted by or received from an agent you know will be the ultimate win-win for all parties involved. Real estate is too competitive to waste your time with agents who don’t think or function like this. This is not our hobby, it’s our career, our calling, and our mission. The Movement Group fully endorses that now famous Compass mission statement: “Our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world.” With our strong industry relationships, our clients have that winning edge needed to get to where they are going. The Movement Group thrives to earn your trust and your business, for life. Contact us anytime for a friendly chat. 

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