Top 5 Home Improvements in Massachusetts


The Top 5 Home Improvements In Massachusetts 

Sellers in MA need to think like buyers. Many buyers, especially first time home buyers, have a real aversion to doing any work on a new home purchase. The following 5 improvements are a no brainer for sellers in the Greater Boston real estate market and beyond.
  1. Finish basement or attic- Adding usable living square footage is by the far the most desirable improvement for home buyers. This will also add significant value to a home. 

  2. Kitchen remodel- Forget the Italian Carrara marble countertops and Aged French Oak floors. To add significant value and appeal, even a few small things add up to make a big difference. If you want the pricey stuff, go ahead but you are likely to never see as much ROI as a few key updates. Consider a fresh coat of paint, a new sink, a bigger window over the sink, some updated appliances, and even some less labor intensive cabinet refacing. These simple fixes won’t break the bank (full kitchen remodels for an average sized home ranges from $35k-$90k) and it will get the buyers attention online immediately.

  3. Renovate or add bathrooms- An old bathroom may have some timeless qualities to it like hexagon tile floors and subway tiles on the walls but simply changing the lighting and the vanity can make a big difference. If you have an old pantry or closet that’s sizable, you may consider adding a half bathroom. Even this can make a big difference in your home’s functionality and will appeal to buyers. 

  4. Adding a deck- Again, creating more space for living and entertaining add tremendous appeal to buyers and add value to the home as well. Wood is preferred for your ROI but even a weather-proof composite does the trick.

  5. Landscaping- Ever been to an open house and the front yard had overgrown bushes, brown grass, and cracked a cement sidewalk? Did that really give you a good first impression? Exactly. Keeping the yard neat and trim doesn’t mean you have to hire landscapers. Just keep the lawn mowed, rake the leaves, trim the bushes, throw down some more seed for thicker grass. It’s not hard. This will add curb appeal and set the tone for viewing the rest of your home.
In conclusion, buyers are primarily drawn to these 5 things because they add more usable living space and have an aesthetic appeal that presents a home as move-in ready. For more home selling advice that will drive significant online traffic, be seen by a social media audience of more than 60,000 people, and bring a large crowd of buyers over your threshold, contact [email protected] to get started. Please follow us on Instagram as well @TheMovementGroup_RE.

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