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Spring Market Readiness

Here's what you need to know to come out on top of the Spring Market-

It’s officially Spring and yet the weather betrays the hype. It’s almost mid-May and it’s cold, rainy, and miserable. However, the The Boston Real Estate market is hot and sunny. It was speculated to shift a bit and maybe even balance out to favor buyers. There may be a place or price point where this is revealing itself to be true. As far as our recent experiences are concerned with our clients in and around Boston, this so called “market shift” or “balanced market” has not occurred.

Our buyers and sellers are experiencing multiple offers, multiple rounds, waived contingencies, busy open houses, cancelled open houses and all the tell-tale signs of a seller’s market. And yet, our clients continue to win. This is not an accident. The Movement Group is not the biggest real estate team in Boston, or even the highest producing team, yet. What sets us apart is our ability to set realistic expectations with our clients, have tough conversations, and strategically prepare them to do battle in our Game of Thrones or “Westeros” of a real estate market.
There are 3 things we do consistently well that has continually equipped our clients to win in our market.

  1. PRE-APPROVAL: We make sure each and every client has a real, trusted pre-approval letter from a trusted lender that we have worked with and have access to 24/7. No weekends off in real estate people. Without this letter, it’s like waiting in line for a ticket at a “Sold Out” concert hoping for a ticket to get in. Why waste precious time?

  2. EXAMINATION: Once this forensic, financial analysis has taken place and our clients KNOW THEIR BUDGET, they know how to compete with leverage to win in a competitive environment such as Boston. Having examined their needs/wants/compromise points before seeing property, they have been able to gain an emotional and psychological edge among the majority of home buyers who have never even considered this human element of home buying. Lastly, the ability to put to largest down payment possible and to go $50k-$75k or more under the pre-approved amount has allowed our clients to have a cutting edge. Our clients have consistently won offers as a result. Do you want to win?

  3. TRANSACTION PARTNERS: We have an extensive network of trusted partners and a level of trust with each of them that has been invaluable. Inspectors, attorneys, plumbers, lenders, photo and video pros, GC’s, you name it and we know them well. With the right partners, the transaction is smoother, easier, and fool proofed from missing crucial details and timelines. Do you really want to exhaust yourself on “yelp?”

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