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Gone are the days where putting your home in the newspaper catches the eyes of many. From the internet, social media, and automated mailing systems- whether that be paper or email, obtaining the maximum amount of exposure for your property is important. Why? Not everybody is reading the daily paper any longer. Now, consumers have choices between where they can search the latest and greatest in their local markets, and catering to different audiences within these service providers is crucial. One consumer may prefer to browse various sites, while the other may be on Instagram searching around for upcoming or just marketed homes. You will need to create a wide audience even before coming to market, which creates curiosity and most important which many sellers do not realize, feedback. 


Pre-marketing your property on various outlets is the only way to really obtain the most accurate feedback possible. Simply marketing on one outlet does cover near a fraction of the exposure because as mentioned, consumers are on all different outlets. The longer timeline an agent is given to provide feedback, the more accurate data and analysis can be taken into factor when listing your property. Feedback is key, and without it, how do you really know the type of demand unless you are in a very active market with minimal inventory? Give yourself the chance to understand and learn your home's value, leveraging your local real estate professionals' tools and strategies. 

Consistency Is Key:

Consistent marketing and keeping an open dialogue with your real estate advisor is the key, to transferring the keys. What I simply mean by that is, obtain the valued feedback you need on your property, pivot when needed, and set an execution plan for when your home does come onto market so you are prepared at all costs. Without a consistent marketing strategy, how do you really know if you have obtained the most exposure? Between paper mailing local areas, media marketing, and simply people connections (real estate or outside of real estate) these are the simple tools you will need to sell your home successfully.

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