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Open House Tips, for Sellers


Stash Your Stuff!

Decluttering is the the best way to really show the true space and livability of your property. Keeping your property as spacious as possible, with just the right amount of furnture, will give the potential consumer an idea of their own personal layout, and also help understand the floorplan. Putting larger furniture and personal items away, can lead to a successful homesale. This is where the basement or attric could come to use. I also reccomend to clients to use a personal self storage or POD if they plan to also move larger furnture in the meantime, as you may be planning to take that furnture with you anyway!

The Outside Matters, Too!

Curb appeal CANNOT be overlooked. This is the very first impression a consumer touring your property will look at. Keeping up with landscpaing, paint, and small items around the property will make or break an initial impression on a first visit. I always advise to remove any of the obvious items from the front of a home such as hoses, garbage barrells, sports equiptment, etc.

Stage to Sell the Property 

Staging to sell may be the #1 most important tip. If your proerty does not portray the overall footprint and flow of the home, it may be time to consider to stage your property. Staging will portray an entire landscape you may have never seen before with the layout and style of your home. Bulky furnture no more! Statistics show more success with properly staging your home and will portray it's best during content development of photos, video, etc. 

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