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Work With a Professional

Evaluate your agent, and make sure they are a true professional within the industry, not simply a licensed real estate agent. When selecting your agent, you should be sure they are attentative to your wants and needs, from your dream home, all the way to your day to day for communication pruposes, throughout the process. A caring agent, that has strong neogtiating skills, are a recipe for success. You want to be sure you do not sell yourself short, make sure your agent is invovled in full-time operations, so you are able to obtian the most exposure of properties, on and off market. On top of this all, you want to make sure you are recieving the BEST deal possible!

Introduction to Mortgage Lender

This is an extremely crucial part of the process. If you plan to obtain a mortgage on your future property, this will be your golden ticket prior to even stepping into the first property. A licensed mortgage professional will be able to walk you though the process, and you will be able to detemrine the best package, for you! Think about it, not being approved is like going ot the mall with a credit card or cash! You want to be confident in your future investment, knowing or at least having a ballpark of your budget will go a very long way, and saves the stress of guessing. 

Know Your Timeline

Do you have a lease end? Need to be out of your curent situaiton ASAP? These are quesitons we need to evalaute to understand what works best for your perosnal timeline. Timeline can determine a lot, and making sure we are planning acordinigly is crucial. You do not want to close, and have an extra 3 months left on your lease that you can not leave, or vice versa, where you havbe to move out prior to your new property closing. We will make certain that your current timeline aligns with your future plans. 

Evaluate All Options

Your money should work for you, it's as simple as that. Come in with an open mindset when first starting your home search. Ask as many questions as possible, explore different types of properties, and use the trial and error method to help improve not only your search, but also for your agent, for feedback purposes and to better refine your homesearch. Do not eliiminate anything off the bat, unless you really, really do not want a specific type of property, you should evalaute evrything there is to offer, within your range of budget. 

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