3 Simple Tips for Seller to Attract Buyers

  1. Price the property right. No matter how nice your home’s overall appeal and aesthetic, if it’s priced too high, Massachusetts buyers are savvy and not easily fooled. Especially if they are working with a smart agent who does a pricing analysis of each and every property where an offer is submitted. In the age of “do-it-yourself,” many buyers browsing online are taking it upon themselves to double check pricing.

  2. Professional photography and videography is essential. In order to have a property stand out online, it must catch the eye and draw consumers in to click to learn more. Dull, dark, pictures are quickly scrolled past into oblivion. 

  3. Make the property highly accessible. There have been several recent instances where a seller only wants to do one open house on a Sunday 11am-12pm. This severely limits a properties viewability and discourages would be buyers from visiting the property. The best strategic plan is to set expectations with sellers that flexibility for open house and showing times is paramount. It may even be suggested that the sellers go away for the weekend to maximize the number of buyers through the door.
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