Housing Trends of 2021 & Future Predictions!


Space, Space, & a Yard!

Buyers are in search of space, given the current circumstances. Coupled with the extra space & demand for a home office, many buyers have a backyard on their checklist as well. The yard space gives the consumer more than just a few extra rooms, and some space for outdoor activities as well. This trend will be going onward for the foreseeable future. Between housing pricing and current circumstances, more space will be a common trend going into 2021!

Renovations for Sweat Equity 

This has been a larger trend as of late. Given home prices increasing, many are turning to DIY and home renovation projects instead of purchasing brand new or partially renovated ones. This is giving buyers a bit more flexibility when it comes to paying premiums for 'brand new' and saving money in their pocket while chipping away at projects. Sweat equity is nothing new, however, it is becoming more and more popular amongst many. It's not only a money saver, but a moneymaker, and we will see this trend into the new year as long as bidding wars still exist.

A... Parking Space?

Yes, you've heard that correctly! Of course, public transit is very important and is relied on by many for their day-to-day commuting. But keep in mind, if consumers are moving further away from the city, they may need access to a motor vehicle to make their way to the local commuter rail if a bus stop does not permit it. How about a nice little night out in the suburbs at a local outdoor mini-mall? Having the accessibility of a car has been more popular than ever these days. Parking spaces whether that be in the city (deeded parking spot or a garage spot) and/or single-family home with a driveway or garage, will continue to grow with popular demand.

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