Home Inspection - Why You Should Have One

Please Note: A general home inspection will only benefit the consumer of the property. Many consumers interpret and go into a home inspection with the impression that 'something is wrong' or that inspectors will only find defaults. However, this should not be the thought process. 
In competitive market situaitons, one will hear the terms such as 'waiving' home inspections/contingency. This puts all liability onto the prospective homebuyer which leaves minimal leverage or room for negotiation in the event we do waive the inspeciton contingency. In many cases, we aere seeing many consumers going this route, and that is OKAY in the event the consumer is comfortable with waiving. However, keep in mind, there are a few ways in where you can still have a home inspection, and still have your offer compeitive enough to win the bid. 
Our team of experts will always reccomend a home inspection whether this be your first or 100th investment property. Learning and understanding your property is the most important aspect of this. Many properties have been lived in prior to your purchase, and everyone cares for their home differently and has different methods of doing so. Understanding your home is the most important, as you will become the next homeowner in the very near future. Remember, anything (well almost anything) CAN be fixed. Knowing the ins or outs of your home, is an invaluable lesson to be a well-rounded homeowner and taking full responsibility. 
Bottom line; have a home inspection to learn your next property, and understand what will need to be done, and how your home functions. 

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